PlayWriting Camp: Unique stories and stellar performances

PlayWriting Camp is a dramatic and fun-filled week in which children from eight to twelve learn how to write, rehearse, and perform their own unique play in just five days. This might seem like a tall order but campers have consistently pulled this off with great success ever since the first playwriting camp took to the stage in 2008. 

Each year the completely original story is created on the camp’s first day, followed by the script on day two, with rehearsals beginning on the third day and there have been memorable performances over the years. Our ocean theme produced plays involving submarine crews marooned in Atlantis, while a circus theme featured mystery and kidnapped elephants. The campers have also created stories about superheroes, secret agents, fairy tales, alien planets and spaceships, and the medieval era. There have been some great songs too, with new lyrics reflecting the story and characters in the play based on music from nursery rhymes, Disney movies, the Beatles, and ABBA, with the familiar melodies never ceasing to entertain the audience. The 2017 camp will have a jungle theme and will doubtless lead to yet more unforgettable stories and dramatic performances.

PlayWriting Camp Director Simon Rose is the author of ten novels and more than 80 nonfiction books for children and young adults, in addition to a number of writer’s guides. Simon is also the writing instructor at Piano Camp and creates CASSA’s newsletter at the end of each year.

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