Piano Camp: Launching Dreams Into Reality! 

CASSA’s five-day Piano Camp is held each July for students ages ten to adult. Every summer children explore different piano playing styles and techniques, prepare for ensemble and solo repertoire performances, and attend classes in interpretation, memorization, musical style, and technique. Many of the participants have attended the camp for many years and their musical achievements are a testament not only to the camp but also to their exceptional talent, motivation, and determination to be the very best that they can be. Campers consistently confirm how much the camp means to them, offering them opportunity to not only improve their skills in a highly supportive and fun environment, but also to interact with others that share their passions for piano, performance, the arts, and musical education. 

Over the years, Piano Camp participants have achieved considerable success, with the majority of campers winning competitions, receiving awards, performing at notable festivals and events, and achieving recognition of their talents from a wide range of organizations, their instructors, and their peers. In adulthood, former campers have become professional musicians, composers, music and drama teachers, instructors, or have built their careers in musical education or with arts organizations. They all acknowledge that their time at Piano Camp has been a key factor in them being able to follow their dreams and pursue a career doing what they love. Based on the camp’s lengthy and very impressive track record, the achievements of Piano Camp participants looks set to continue well into the future.

Further details and registration are available at http://www.calgaryartssummer.com/programs/Campsandworkshps/pc/index.html 

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