Musical Theatre Showtime: A showcase of emerging talent

CASSA’s Musical Theatre Showtime, also known as MTS, takes place in early July each year, launching our summer programming. At MTS students, aged nine to nineteen have the opportunity to be involved in a professional musical theatre production. Participants are involved in performing, set design, technical duties, and with costumes and make up. High school credits are also available for participation in the program, courtesy of CASSA’s partnership with CBE Chinook Learning Services.

Musical Theatre Showtime showcases a different production each summer and over the years we’ve seen some outstanding performances on a wide range of themes. In 2013’s Mirror Image, fantasy came face to face with the harsh realities of high school in a pop musical adventure combining the best and sometimes worst of both worlds. Princess Whatsername in 2014 featured a classic fairy tale setting, a variety of entertaining musical numbers, and an exciting plot filled with mystery and adventure. Our 2015 Musical Theatre Showtime production was Hillbilly Hayride, a pioneer-era musical extravaganza featuring a cast of colourful characters and feuding families. In 2016 our production was You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Werewolf, a hair-raising musical spoof of 1950s horror movies. Our 2017 production is entitled Sand and has been written for CASSA by Justine Cherry-Delisle, one of our long time campers. Stay tuned for further updates regarding the 2017 MTS production. 

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