Exploring the Arts: The beginning of a memorable journey

CASSA’s Exploring the Arts Camp (EAC) continues to be one of the most popular camps in the city for younger children. Each July our professional teachers provide an introduction to art, drama, movement, and music for children aged four to ten. The camp features half-day programs with a series of fifty-minute classes. The musical element covers keyboard, rhythm, and singing, while movement involves a variety of different forms of dance. Campers are involved in acting and focus games and have the opportunity to explore a range of art techniques. Exploring the Arts has a special theme each year and in 2017 we’ll be focusing on the jungle, providing young campers with ample opportunities for a truly memorable experience. 

Music instructor Alicia Romero is a strong advocate of the value of early childhood music education. She has many years of experience teaching piano to young children, teenagers and adults, and teaching music to babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Movement instructor Erika Gundesen is a highly talented pianist and musical performer and is currently involved in musical theatre productions in London, England. Erika shares her wonderful talents and unbridled enthusiasm with our young campers at Exploring the Arts Camp each summer. Art instructor Erin Hildebrandt has extensive experience in drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography. She firmly believes that anyone has the potential to be an artist and that art provides unique opportunities for self-expression. 

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