Adult Piano Camp: A Source of Musical Inspiration

CASSA’s Adult Piano Camp takes place in July and is for pianists over the age of 18. During the three-day event participants explore a wide range of piano playing styles and techniques in preparation for ensemble and solo repertoire performances. Adult Piano Camp also features classes in interpretation, memorization, musical style, and technique. There are also sessions dealing with ways to overcome performance anxiety. 

While it is required that participants have some background knowledge and ability, the camp welcomes individuals at a variety of skill levels in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Participants in Adult Piano Camp consistently praise the encouragement they receive from the exceptional clinicians and instructors. Their patience and ongoing support is a key factor in the success of the camp. Many participants have also pointed out that during their time at Adult Piano Camp they have been highly motivated to move out of their normal comfort zone. The very supportive environment and peer group inspires musicians at many different levels of ability to recognize both their strengths and weaknesses and in many cases inspire them to overachieve.

This year John Dupuis and Dr. Laura Bell will be the clinicians. Mr. Dupuis holds a Master of Music degree in Piano Performance, and has studied with some of Canada’s most renowned pianists and internationally acclaimed American and European artists. He has also served as a Senior Piano Examiner for the Royal Conservatory of Music. Dr. Bell has taught music for many years, organized the New Jersey Piano Festival, was a founding member of the NJ Pianist Competition, and has performed with orchestras, choirs, chamber music, and in solo concerts. 

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