Musical Theatre Showtime

6 Days: July 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, & 12, 2017

Forest Lawn High School, 1304 44 St SE

9:00 am - 3:00 pm daily 

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2017 Musical Theatre Showtime

Performance July 12 7:00 pm

CASSA and Calgary Board of Education in Partnership

Seven years ago the CBE and CASSA formed a partnership to provide an amazing musical theatre experience to 40 students ages 9 – 19.  MTS is now a collaboration with the Calgary Board of Education and Chinook Learning Summer School. We offer Leadership I, Leadership II and Advanced Actor Touring, high school credits.

During the first week of July students will create a full-length musical with all of the components. These include  set design, set construction, costumes, make-up, dance, singing, acting and technical. This experience is designed as an enrichment opportunity for students who are dedicated to the arts, have previous musical theatre experience (preferred, not required) and who are willing to create magic in just 6 days. 

If you know of any children aged 9-19 who would love to be a part of this type of experience please pass along a link to this page and encourage them to contact the Calgary Arts Summer School Association*. They will not be disappointed I assure you. 

For further information, email me (

Darren K. Dyck,
Principal, Forest Lawn High School

* Register by going to the Registration page; additional information is also available using the Contact page.

High School Credits Are Available for this Programme

 Senior High School students who wish to attend the camp may choose to sign up for two, one-credit courses. These include E-Learning, Leadership I, Leadership II and Special Projects. Senior High School Credits are availablfor students currently in grades 9 - 12. Please contact CASSA for more information.


2016 You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Werewolf

“MTS always amazes me; putting on a full length musical in six days is unheard of. Everyone at camp aims for success and we have never failed to put on a phenomenal performance.”

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Our Campers Really Do Love MTS

"Everyone is awesome to work with, and it was loads of fun!  This is probably the best way to make friends"

I like that it is fun and the people you work with are nice.  Everyone was very helpful – Chloe

"This musical theatre environment suits me because I like accomplishing stuff if I’m going to spend my time going to rehearsal.  For example: at (a different) Theatre it took us 6 months to do a 45 minute play.  It is a challenge here, but I like it."

"I love the atmosphere, positive energy and re-inforcements, teachers and when personal help is needed it is given in full and more"

"CASSA has been like a family to me, a stage to express my love for musical theatre.  I love the people, music, shows."

"I really enjoy the dynamic group of people and the amazing effort that everyone puts in to pull the show together in six days."

We Acknowledge Talent, Skill and Progress 

These students received certificates for outstanding achievement at MTS or took advantage of the E-Learning or Leadership Skills courses:

Advance Acting Touring 2017 (High School Credit Course)

  • Emma Broughton
  • Kolby Dyck
  • Shianna Jamito
  • Janay Kent
  • Hallie Kent
  • Emily O'Neil

Advance Acting Touring 2016 (High School Credit Course)

  • Jonah Morris
  • Janay Kent Hallie Kent
  • Marley Sterner
  • Tara McIvor

E-Learn 2015

  • Kira Giovinazzo
  • Leadership I 2015
  • Justine Delisle
  • Kira Giovinazzo
  • Leadership II 2015
  • Emily Troyer
  • Robyn Burney
  • Tara McIvor
  • Jonah Morris
  • Marley Sterner

Prior Years 


  • Robyn Burney
  • Tara McIvor
  • Mahala Morris
  • Jonah Morris
  • Marley Sterner
  • Amy Nelissen
  • Emily Troyer

Advance Acting Touring (formerly Leadership)

  • Robyn Burney
  • Tara McIvor
  • Mahala Morris
  • Jonah Morris
  • Marley Sterner
  • Emily Troyer
  • Amy Nelissen
  • Kindra-Lee Dyck
  • Catherine Fong

Special Projects

  • Linaya Bertschi
  • Keely Olstad

Videotaping of CASSA productions and performances is not permitted. DVDs of performances are available through CASSA. Friends and relatives may take photographs, but to avoid distracting the performers, please do not use flash photography during the performance.

Camp photos on this page courtesy of Gus van Helden

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