Jazz Keyboard Workshop

July 17 - 20, 2017

St. Vladimir's Cultural Centre, 404 Meredith Road NE

9:00 am - 3:30 pm daily

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This workshop will combine elements of jazz that apply specifically to the role of the piano/keyboard to jazz, including comping and soloing.

Comping is the rhythmic chording that is provided by the pianist, and requires knowledge of rhythmic aspects of style, as well as a thorough knowledge of harmony and chord voicing. It is the 'supportive' side of piano playing!

Soloing Often perceived as the most daunting aspect of jazz — improvisation — will be discussed, demonstrated and analyzed. Once considered a mandatory skill for all keyboardists (Baroque, Classical periods), 'improv' has over the past 100 years been left pretty much to the jazz musicians. Participants in this workshop will play with exercises including 'conversations,’ 'melodic embellishment,’ and 'broken chord' studies. 


Recorded works of the master pianists (Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson, etc.) will be studied. Elements such as style, developing a solo, playing 'outside' are best understood by listening to a master. 

Participants will spend part of the workshop in a trio setting. That is, playing along with a drummer and bass player. Classes will also include theory, harmony, style and melodic development. Classes will be lead by Derek Stoll, a Calgary jazz player and teacher, and also by guest speakers. 


A minimum of grade 6 RCM/CC or equivalent is preferred.

Comments from 2016 Jazz Keyboard Workshop

“(There was) lots of hands-on experience and review of music theory was kept to essentials only.”

“I really liked working on a standard as well as creating.

"I liked how we were taught what people were interested in learning and how in-depth each subject was, making sure that everyone understood before moving on to the next topic."

"It pushed me outside my box in terms of playing and ability.  There were great handouts with notes to look back on after the workshop.  There were great teachers with good playing examples, encouraging ideas and patience"

"Before starting the camp I was afraid I would not understand anything.  It was quite the opposite, as the workshop had an easy to follow format that helped me to be comfortable and be very proud of my very first jazz composition...Generally speaking it was a great experience for me to attend this workshop."

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