Broken Links? Web Page Errors?

I love to hear from you but wait a moment before you send me a message! The purpose of this contact page is to let the webmaster know about web page and technical errors and broken links. It’s not for Camp questions so if you have questions about Camps, please use the other contact form. Any response or action from this link may be delayed because this email is not checked frequently.

The most common question: The page I’m looking at shows old information Why? 

Web browsers keep a history of pages you’ve visited in the past. If you find that a page or an item appears to be stale (e.g. last year’s website), refresh your browser by clicking on that circular arrow (it’s somewhere near the area where you type in your web searches) and the browser will refresh to the current version of the page. If it’s still stale it may be something I need to remedy and I want to know about it. Go to the form below and send me a message.

Is there still an issue?

Help me remedy page issues efficiently by telling me which page has an item that needs attention and please add appropriate details. If you have a question or problem with use of our site, be as specific as you can about what you saw and if you remember, include what you were doing when the problem occurred. 

Corrections and Enhancements

If you have a request for an addition or correction or other change to the web site, this would be a terrific way to let the webmaster know what you want. I’ll do my best to accomodate requests.

Again, for all other inquiries, please use the CASSA contact form.

- CASSA Webmeister

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