Justine Cherry-Delisle

Justine Cherry-Delisle, Playwrite and Composer

Justine Cherry-Delisle has loved writing plays since she was five years old. In addition to studying piano, vocal arts and musical theatre since she was four, Justine has participated in numerous Kiwanis Music Festivals, being honoured with numerous awards. She’s also enjoyed composing original music since she was five and has performed in numerous talent shows. Justine also plays the guitar and has studied mallet percussion since she was ten. One of Justine’s summer highlights—since she was eight—has been participating in CASSA’s Musical Theatre Showtime. CASSA has enabled Justine to grow as a musician, playwright and actor and attributes MTS for teaching her how to create strong bonds with her fellow actors. Along with her sister, Justine derived the concept for SAND on a driving holiday when she was ten. Last year she put pen to paper, writing the play in earnest along with the music score. She completed SAND in August 2016. Justine is both pleased and honoured to share this work with the CASSA community. 

Michelle Delisle

Michelle Delisle has been working behind the scenes to help produce SAND.

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