Darren Dyck

Darren Dyck, Director

Darren Dyck, Director, has been teaching with the Calgary Board of Education for twenty-six years and is currently the principal at Forest Lawn High School. His academic background includes a bachelor of education degree with a drama major and a master of arts degree in drama education. He has been involved in drama and theatre for the past 30 years and believes that students’ growth and development is achieved best when children are actively engaged in aesthetic  ne arts experiences. His credits as a director of theatre for young people include over 30 di erent shows and most recently include You Suck, Secrets of the Forest, We Believe, Up the Down Staircase, Yearbook Re ections, Scarlett Letter and West Side Story. Darren is also a playwright, and CASSA has debuted two of his plays, Secret of the Forest and You Suck!!! A Vampire’s Tale of Conformity.

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