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The patronage of our community-oriented friends is necessary to permit CASSA to operate our programmes. Members of CASSA Board and participants in CASSA programmes thank all of our donors for the assistance we receive to provide this summer school. Join the many enlightened corporate and individual friends of CASSA who recognize the high worth of arts in our community. Call or fax us at 403.271.0418 or or use our contact form to get more information about donating to us directly. 

We know that many corporations look for charitable causes to support in Calgary and area. If you know of a corporation that is looking for a way to support our community, please let us know or have the corporation representative contact us. While we would welcome a Gala sponsor and a Festival sponsor, sponsorship of any amount will be appreciated.

Every donation — no matter what the amount — goes toward supporting fine arts in our community. Whether it be $10 or $100 or $1000, we rely on individual donations to keep our summer school operating for your benefit and for your community’s betterment.

Charitable receipts are available for all donations. Donations may be accepted in person by a Board Member or be made through CanadaHelps*. You may also download our donation form and mail your contribution to our fine arts summer school. 

Make cheques payable to CASSA and mail to this address:

Calgary Arts Summer School  Association
201 11420  27th Street SE
Calgary Alberta  T2Z 3R6

CASSA is registered as charity 88490 6249 RR0001 under the Charitable Fund-raising Act in the province of Alberta.

Albertans Can Obtain a Charitable Tax Credit
for Financial Support of CASSA

Effective January 2007, the Alberta government raised the charitable tax credit for eligible annual donations above $200 by 60 per cent. Including the federal tax credit, Albertans receive a 50 per cent non-refundable tax credit for every dollar donated over the $200 threshold. This gives you one of the highest charitable tax credits in Canada. CASSA is registered as charity 88490 6249 RR0001 under the Charitable Fund-raising Act in the province of Alberta.

A Statement from One of our Benefactors:

"Peter Lougheed was a model for me as I grew up. I, too, am a proud citizen of Alberta who grew up to be a sports fan and an enthusiastic supporter of fine arts in Canada. I see what is done to help young people with sports in the province and cannot help but think how much better fine arts would thrive if given the same level of financial assistance. However, until a generous company decides to fund fine arts as superbly as Tim Horton's does for junior hockey, we need the donations of (as is noted elsewhere on this  page), 'enlightened individuals'  like you and me to promote gifted and talented youth who deserve support in arts just as much as other youth do in hockey and other sports. Until those forward-thinking representatives of corporations step up to the plate, CASSA relies on individual and small corporate donations to provide superb leadership in this cause. Please donate to CASSA. Even $10 will help a student attend Calgary Arts Summer School. 

Friends of CASSA

These individuals, groups and businesses see the value of fine arts in our community. Please thank these donors if you see them or deal with them in any way.

Harmony Music School

For their gift of office space for CASSA, we acknowledge the special contribution of Harmony Music School.

South Location: (Douglasdale)
#201, 11420 - 27 Street SE
Calgary, AB T2Z 3R6

North Location: (Mount Pleasant)
2614 - 4 Street NW
Calgary, AB T2M 3A1

Telephone: 403-619-8115
Like us on facebook:
Follow us on twitter: @HrmyMusicSchool

Gala ($50,000 and up)

Donations are needed for this category. If you know of a corporation that is looking to sponsor a community cause, for whatever amount, please contact us.

Bravo ($25,000 to $49,000)

St. John's Music (gift in kind-pianos and digital keyboards) 

Celebration ($10,000 to $24,999)

Government of Alberta - Foundation for the Arts


Festival ($5,000 to $9,999)

Donations are needed for this category. If you know of a corporation that is looking to sponsor a community cause, for whatever amount, please contact us.

Production ($2,500 to $4,999)

St. Vladimir’s Cultural Centre (gift in kind-facility rental)

Harmony Music School (gift in kind-office space)

Concert ($1,000 to $2,499)

Alberta Registered Music Teachers’ Association - Calgary Branch

Alberta Registered Music Teachers’ Association - Provincial (in part AR)

Harry and Martha Cohen Foundation

Stan & Marianne Kundert/Edelweiss Imports Ltd. (gift in kind-MTS reception & baskets) 

Michelle A. Rico Professional Corporation

Murray A. Seminuk Piano Services (gift in kind-piano tuning)

R. Whitworth (on behalf of an anonymous donor)

Royal Conservatory of Music (gift in kind-Piano Pedagogy Workshop travel and advertising)

Viola Olah/VH Marketing Ltd. (gift in kind-social marketing)

Cheryl Dyck, Business Edge Coaching, Inc. & ActionCOACH International, Coaching for a Cause (gift in kind-business coaching) 

Revue ($750 to $999)

Dallas Lyn Vanetti

Drama ($500 to $749)

Alberta Registered Music Teachers’ Association - Provincial (in part AR)

Priscilla King (PK)

Josephine Davy-Seetal/Dr. Ragu Seetal

Recital ($250 to $499)

Donna Holoboff

Janice Dahlberg

Donna Staddon (MS)

Susan Savage

Matinee ($100 to $240)

Nathene Arthur

Diane Bradlow

Chateau Renoir Seniors Residence

Dana Village

De Waal Music Studio

Garrison Green Seniors Community

Charlotte Jacobson

Dorothea Johanson

Kai Poscente

Gladys Kennedy

Linda Kundert

Lake Bonavista Village 

Samuel Lee

Carolyn Moore

Music Coterie

Beth Olver

Linda Palmer/Bronco Management Corp.

Nancy Partlow (PK)

ProArts Society

Georgeanne van Helden (gift in kind-ProArts piano performance)

Jonah van Helden (gift in kind-ProArts piano performance)

Mary Ross

Dress Rehearsal ($10 to $99)

Tara Black

Eileen Craig

Aldwin Chen

Bonnie DeNittis

Isaak and Larissa Kreyner

Barbara Robertson

Kathryn Thorn

(EK) Emma Kundert Memorial Fund

The Emma Kundert Memorial Fund will be used for CASSA innovation in communication and technology. Monetary gifts will assist CASSA in creating a stronger internet presence through website improvements, online registration and social media marketing.  

(MS) Marissa Staddon Memorial Scholarship Fund

Marissa Staddon Memorial Scholarship Fund, through the Calgary Arts Summer School Association (CASSA), will award a $100 scholarship to the most outstanding Piano Camp student each year.

(IG) Irina Ginzburg Memorial Fund

Irina Ginzburg was an enthusiastic supporter of CASSA’s summer programs. She was first a volunteer at Piano Camp, then joined the teaching staff and became an active member of the CASSA Board of Directors. In her honour, a scholarship will be awarded to the most improved Piano Camp student(s) each year.

(AF) Alumni Fund 

The Alumni Fund, created in support of the Calgary Arts Summer School Association, ensures our continued growth and development based on the values of our Mission Statement. Donations made towards this fund are used to cover costs of: guest clinicians, alumni concerts, scholarships, bursaries and direct program costs.

(AR) ARMTA Recognition Fund 

This award recognizes three exceptional Piano Camp students who, in the opinion of the instructors, show outstanding promise and dedication to success and currently study with an ARMTA member. The award consists of three $100 scholarships.

(PK) Priscilla King Donation Fund

Donations made to Anthony Sze’s ride to conquer cancer will be matched by Priscilla King, our longtime registrar and bookkeeper, and donated towards CASSA in this special donation fund. Donations towards this fund will be used for special circumstances, and/or for deserving scholarships.

The list of donors was last updated on June 30, 2016. Donations given after July 1st will appear on next year’s programs. We value our sponsors and donors greatly so we have made every effort to ensure completeness and accuracy of our Friends of CASSA registry. We apologize for any errors or omissions; please contact us if your donation has been overlooked or if an error has been made.

DONATIONS are welcome; charitable receipts are available. Donations may be accepted in person by a Board Member, online at through CanadaHelps*, or by mail:

Make cheques payable to CASSA;

Calgary Arts Summer School  Association
201 11420  27th Street SE
Calgary Alberta  T2Z 3R6

* CanadaHelps is a registered charity that processes secure, online donations on behalf of Canada’s 80,000+ registered charitable organizations. Within minutes of making a donation, you will receive an official electronic tax receipt emailed to you. Credit cards will be charged by CanadaHelps. Your credit card statement will show a charge made to CanadaHelps; it will not show a charge made to CASSA. Canadahelps will issue a receipt for every donation you make to CASSA. CASSA is registered as charity 88490 6249 RR0001 under the Charitable Fund-raising Act in the province of Alberta.

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