Board of Directors and Administration Team

Campers come each year and see mostly only the people who work with them each day. They may see some but not all of these wonderful people who work behind the scenes to run CASSA for the remainder of the year, so in case you want to know who they are, this is the list of the Board of Directors and the Administration Team. 

The CASSA Board of Directors is the group of dedicated people who work hard at making the CASSA summer camps run successfully. Some members have volunteered on the Board since CASSA's inception in 1993.

President & Artistic Director: Linda Kundert

Vice President & Assistant Artistic Director: Janice Dahlberg

Treasurer:  Dorothea Johanson

Special Projects Director: Dorothea Johanson

Advisors:  Tara Aldred-Gundesen, Kathy Milani, Susan Savage, Derek Stoll, Sandra Joy, Nancy Partlow, Michelle Delisle

Our Administration Team is the group of people who make sure all the bits fit together so  that the Summer School works so well each year.

Registrar and Bookkeeper: Priscilla King

Office Assistant: Darcy van Helden

Administrative Assistant: Quinn Gomez

Publication Coordinator: Alicia Romero

Web Master Volunteer: Rob Whitworth

Computer Consultant: Michael Duffy (

Marketing Assistant: Rosario Reiley de Marroro

Donations Coordinatior: Shelley Foo

Facebook/Twitter Volunteer: Viola Olah

Newsletter: Simon Rose

CASSA Vision

Calgary Arts Summer School (CASS) is the summer school for the arts!

Calgary Arts Summer School Association (CASSA) is a committed self-sufficient organization. To ensure the availability of its year-round innovative and exceptional programs, CASSA continually implements dynamic funding strategies, acknowledges its supporters and satisfies the needs of the community. 

CASSA Mission

Calgary Arts Summer School Association (CASSA) seeks to provide an all-inclusive performing, literary and visual arts experience to individuals of all ages and levels. These creative camps, workshops and events will foster desire and develop potential in a non-competitive environment, which will enhance communication skills, friendships, collaboration, citizenship, academic development, confidence, and a life-long appreciation for the arts.

Participants feel empowered to:

  • Develop their potential
  • Be an appreciative audience
  • Support the arts

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